1. Shipping your bike to Hermosa Tours

If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of flying your bike with you for one of our mountain bike tours, Hermosa Tours offers Receiving, Assembly, Break Down and Shipping services.

Shipping to us is easy. First, give us a call or email us to get the right address for your tour destination. Then use the standard label format below for each one of our tour locations.

Shipping Label

Bike Shop Name (choose from list below)
Hermosa Tours & Your Name
Bike Shop Street Address
City, State, ZIP

Aditional Shipping Info

Your Arrival Date
Your Tour Dates
Assembly or Hold for Owner (pick one)

2. Tour Deposit Policy

Prior to 60 days before the departure date, we collect a 50% deposit to secure your reservation.

3. Cancellation Policy

Hermosa Tours wants you to have some flexibility should your vacation need to be canceled. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing travel/vacation insurance. We strongly suggest this option. If you choose not to purchase this insurance, please understand that our cancellation policy is meant to give you some alternatives should your plans change, while also protecting the integrity of our business from last minute cancellations.

Cancellations prior to 60 days of the tour will be refunded all moneys paid less a $25 handling fee per person. Cancellations less than 60 days before the tour will forfeit the full price of the tour. All cancellations must be made by EMAIL or FAX – NO EXCEPTIONS.

60 days prior to your trip departure your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the remaining balance unless you have otherwise notified us.

Hermosa Tours reserves the right to cancel or reroute any tour due to acts of nature, trail conditions, insufficient number of participants or unforeseen circumstances that would hinder our ability to run a trip. If Hermosa Tours is unable to provide you with another trip that is satisfactory, all moneys paid will be refunded and shall constitute full settlement with you. Hermosa Tours is not responsible for any additional expenses that may be incurred by a guest in relation to a cancelled tour including costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, sickness and non-refundable air tickets and/or any penalties associated with such tickets.

4. I’m concerned with the pace of the group

We get this question a lot! Our first answer is always, “This is a vacation, not a race.” We try very hard to manage this issue by first talking to each client ahead of time to make sure they are signing up for the right tour that matches their skill, fitness and experience level. Secondly, on the trail we make sure to accommodate everyone’s desired pace. No one gets held back and no one is left behind. This is YOUR mountain bike vacation and we want you to leave happy!!

5. I want my own room

Not a problem. Single supplement rates vary depending on destination, but generally expect something in the $200-300 range for a week.

6. I’m not a PRO, I’m a beginner!

In the course of a year we get more folks on the beginner side of mountain biking the scale than pro. While many of our multi-day tours are not appropriate for beginners, we do offer day tours in Durango, Arkansas and Southwest Utah we match specifically to your skill level.

7. What’s for dinner?

Vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, kosher…just let us know and we can build a menu to suit your needs.

8. No Family Feud here

If you and your family would all like to enjoy a mountain bike tour together, we have a few options for you. The first is to take part in one of our day tours specifically designed to match your family’s skill level. Second, consider getting another family you know to join you and create a CUSTOM mountain bike tour. We’ll cater the meals, rides and itinerary just for you!