AZT Expeditions

Arizona Trail Expeditions is a division of Hermosa Tours, LLC located in Sedona, AZ. AZT Expeditions is new program offered in partnership with the Arizona Trail Association with the goal of supporting multi-day expeditions for mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners along the 800+ mile Arizona National Scenic Trail. Proceeds from your trip go directly back to the Arizona Trail for maintenance!

Our MTB Trips on the Arizona Trail

Santa Ritas to Saguaro National Park (Fall, Winter, Spring – Inter. to Advc.)

This diverse and exciting three-day adventure features 60 miles of flowing singletrack through oak and juniper forests, across golden grasslands and finishing among stands of giant saguaro cacti. While technical challenges will be encountered each day, the majority of the route is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders who want to experience the Arizona Trail near Tucson. LEARN MORE

Oracle to Picketpost (Fall, Winter, Spring – Advc.)

This Arizona Trail mountain bike tour is truly a hidden gem. Deep in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona lies one of the finest stretches of singletrack anywhere – The Arizona Trail between Oracle, AZ and Superior, AZ. We often use the word “remote”, but this section of trail may take the cake. It’s OUT there. Despite being one of the hottest deserts in North America the Sonoran Desert is teaming with life. Gila monsters, desert tortoise, javelinas, rattlesnakes and countless types of cactus permeate the landscape. LEARN MORE

Flagstaff to Mormon Lake (Spring, Summer, Fall – Inter. to Advc.)

Traveling from north to south on the Arizona Trail, this 4-day adventure includes over 100 miles of amazing Arizona Trail between Flagstaff and south of Mormon Lake. You’ll experience a variety of landscapes from start to finish, including the juniper-studded high desert near the Babbitt Ranch, the red dirt beneath Elden Mountain, magical groves of aspens and ferns, the dense ponderosa pine forests of the Colorado Plateau, wind-sculpted cliffs of Walnut Canyon, and the amazing vistas near Mormon Lake. LEARN MORE

Flagstaff to Grand Canyon (Spring, Summer, Fall – Inter.)

Follow the historic stagecoach line from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon during this 100-mile adventure. Over four days you’ll see terrain as diverse as anywhere in northern Arizona, from the fern and aspen groves of the San Francisco Peaks, to the big sky country across the Babbitt Ranch, and through pinon-juniper forests that lead right up to the South Rim of Grand Canyon. This is a classic mountain biking route that is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders. LEARN MORE

Grand Canyon to Utah (Spring, Summer, Fall – Inter. to Advc.)

One of Arizona’s least visited natural wonders lies hidden on the Kaibab Plateau north of Grand Canyon National Park. Along the Arizona Trail between Grand Canyon and the Utah state line you’ll discover outstanding singletrack, phenomenal views, and beautiful forests and meadows that seldom see human visitors. This area is only accessible between May and November as winter can bury the entire plateau in snow for over half the year. This was the first segment of Arizona Trail to be designated in the 1980s and remains one of the most significant portions of trail in the state. LEARN MORE