About Us

Hermosa Tours, LLC was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in beautiful Durango, Colorado with a second location in Sedona, AZ. We offer premium, guided mountain bike tours throughout the western United States for all skill levels from families to beginners to even the most advanced riders. In addition, Hermosa Tours now offers self-guided trips on the Colorado Trail, Kokopelli Trail, Durango to Moab, Arizona Trail and many others. Hermosa Tours, LLC also operates the following two divisions:

Who We Are

Matt McFee

Matt is the Founder and Director of Hermosa Tours and every once in a while gets to guide. He was a chronically amateur endurance racer having completed several 24 Hour Solo races, 100 mile off road races and was stupid enough to be a near finisher of the Great Divide Race: a 2500-mile, unsupported mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide.

The Hermosa Guides
Zach Cooley

My name’s Zach and I like all forms of two-wheeled mechanized contraptionry. I’ve been riding the trails in and around Durango since I was a kid, and I never get tired of the endless variety of singletrack we have here in SW Colorado. My other hobbies include skiing and finding jobs that pay me to drive around in the woods. Any day outside on a bike is a great day; let’s get out there and ride!

Mike Gentry

After years of leading mountain bike and backpacking trips with friends, Mike decided to go pro and started working as a wilderness guide in 2006. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and loves the challenge of getting unlost with map and compass. When he’s not riding, Mike enjoys backpacking, skiing, running, traveling, exploring, eating and looking for new ways to avoid real work and responsibility.

Nick Wilson

My life revolves around riding bikes weather it’s up or downhill, dirt or street. When I’m not on my bike I’m kayaking, skiing, or fishing.I like bikes, a lot.
Who wants to ride? You?
All right, I’m cool with that, let’s do this!

Glenn Shoemaker

Let’s cut right to the quick, I love bicycles. Mostly mountain bikes but all bikes are cool, from the clunker to the carbon racer, there is a sublime beauty in self generated motion. I started mountain biking in 1987 when I came to Fort Collins, CO for school. The trails offered serenity and peace that the dorms, understandably, did not. So I rode a lot, and soon names like “Moab, Crested Butte, Durango” were enticing me with promises of more and more single track. I more than gladly answered the call and soon Durango was not only an epic place to ride, it was home. After eleven years of traversing the backcountry I am still amazed at how beautiful and rugged the mountains of southwest Colorado are and just how much trail there is to ride. It seems like I am always finding some new connector or loop. I am spoiled and I know it.

Gary Colliander

A relative newbie to Durango, Gary has a strong draw to the outdoors, “The best office space available” as he puts it. Whether it be on bike, skis or board, Gary is always up for an adventure to some place new or to the usual places that still “raise the hair on the back of your neck”, Gary has the expertise and personality to make any ride enjoyable. Nicknamed “Tigger” for his unfailingly friendly attitude and his physically bouncy “spunk”, Gary is sure to help you have a smile on your face the whole day through.

Will Sands

Will has been a roughneck, writer, cattle rancher, newspaper publisher, horse farmer, commercial fisherman, journalist and English/Arabic translator. There has been one constant in this wide-ranging life – the bicycle. Will’s likes include high alpine singletrack, titanium tubing, carbon-soled Italian footwear and desert sandstone. Among his dislikes are internal combustion, goatheads, tofu and Moab’s Easter Jeep Safari. He currently rides at least 5 days a week during every month of the year and can be found pedaling in everything from sand to snow and on everything from 29er hardtails to an exceptionally sexy carbon fiber road rig.

Jon Kerchner

My name is Jon and I am stoked! I moved to Arizona from Indiana in 2004 after school and as soon as I got here I fell in love with the Flagstaff/Sedona area and all the great riding this place has to offer. We have endless amounts of trail and every type of terrain imaginable. I love to ride everything from dirt bikes ripping through the desert, long haul cross country rides, dirt jumps, to Dh shuttles, if it’s got two wheels I will shred it!. I have raced downhill off and on since 2007 and have recently been into 12hr endurance downhill races. I started working as a mountain bike guide in 2008 and I learned that I love to get others stoked on mountain biking. Whether its your first ride ever or you’re seasoned rider we are gonna have a great time! So get stoked and lets go hit some trail! Life is a daring adventure, or nothing!!!